Tooth Development in Children – What You Can Expect


At Lunada Bay Dental Practice, we are happy to discuss tooth development in children – what you can expect.  In our Palos Verdes Estates dental office, we are asked a lot of questions, and this is understandable, considering that parents want to be prepared and able to help their child.  We have found that while there is a range for when teeth will come in, every child is different.  It is important to keep this in mind and remember that just because your best friend’s baby got their first tooth at six months, doesn’t mean that yours will.  As a private dental office, we will take the time to sit down with you and discuss all of your concerns, so whether this is your first child or third, we are happy to discuss their needs in detail.  If you live in Palos Verdes Estates, CA or the 90274 area, we invite you to call (310) 377-6580 and schedule an appointment when your baby first starts to get their teeth in.  While it isn’t necessary for us to see them this quickly, it can provide you with peace of mind by having their gums examined.  Otherwise, we welcome you to schedule an appointment around one year of age since they should have most of their baby teeth in by this point.
As a general rule of thumb when considering tooth development in children – what you can expect, your child will get their baby teeth in between six and twenty-two months of age, with molars in by thirty-three months.  The first teeth to come in are typically the central incisors followed by the lateral incisors, with the canines and molars to follow.  These same teeth will start to fall out between six and twelve years old.  Fortunately, the body goes through this process gradually so that your child may be without some teeth, but not all of their teeth, making it possible for them to continue eating like normal.  When evaluating tooth development in children and considering what you can expect, it is important to note that while there are only estimates for when your child may lose their teeth, it is important that they fall out naturally.  If a tooth is knocked out or falls out prematurely due to poor oral health, it can create issues with overcrowding as their adult teeth start to come in.  With this in mind, we recommend that you schedule a teeth cleaning for your child twice a year in our Palos Verdes Estates dental office. This way we can remove plaque and tartar, treat cavities and keep their teeth healthy and strong to ensure that their baby teeth remain intact for as long as possible.

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